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Marshall Manufacturing Company, an ISO 13485 registered manufacturer of custom machined core tubes, couplers and assemblies for their customers in the filtration industries.

Marshall is a Filtration Component Manufacturer

Core Tubes Machining

Marshall Manufacturing Company has been manufacturing machined core tubes to multinational reverse osmosis and filtration companies since the early 1970’s. We provide core tube to our customers, who serve a variety of industry segments including: purified drinking water, desalinized water, dairy, beverages, pharmaceuticals and more. Over the years we have grown as customer needs have risen from moderate to high volume production.

Marshall produces a wide range of customer specified core tube diameters. Customer requirements span from smaller tubes starting around 12.7 mm (.500″) to tube diameters as large as 101.6 mm (4.00″). Length dimensions also vary depending upon customer objectives. We supply tubes in the smaller diameters at lengths as short as 254 mm (10″). The larger diameter tubes reach lengths up to 1,524 mm (60″). Machining high quality extrusions to customer specifications has become a specialty at Marshall. Supplying burr-free cross-holes by utilizing our proprietary processes is well within our bailiwick.

To smooth out the ebb and flow of customer requirements, Marshall works with many core tube customers to supply products on a KanBan basis. We communicate with our customers regularly, to understand what the minimum and maximum quantities are for each part number, so the customer always has the stock they need. We also connect with customers to identify changing conditions in the market.

In addition, Marshall provides machined industrial filtration couplers to our customers.

Please let Marshall Manufacturing Company help you with your manufacturing needs.

Medical Solutions

Filtration Solutions

Marshall Manufacturing is equipped to provide core tubes in a wide range of materials, including PVC, CPVC, ABS, Polysulfone and Noryl to name a few. Closely managed documentation control allows for consistent reliability with every order, making Marshall a premier manufacturer.