CNC 3D Wire & Tube Bending

CNC 3D Small Diameter Wire & Tube Bending

CNC 3D Bending of small diameter Wire and Tubing is an art that Marshall has developed over the past 15 years. Features on a Swiss machined “wire” can be oriented to a specific bend feature with consistency. CNC Laser machined “tubing” features can also be oriented to specific bend features. Product consistency and process repeatability is what Marshall is all about. Marshall began small diameter CNC 3D wire & tube bending over a decade ago. We soon found a valuable niche. Medical device OEMs were quick to communicate that such a specialty was deficient within the medical device community. This inspired us to experiment with different materials, custom tooling and proprietary software. Because medical device companies had a need, Marshall began specializing in 2D and 3D wire & tube bending services to become a premier provider to the medical device market.

PNG CNC 3D Bending & Swiss