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Marshall Manufacturing, Experts in the Art of Medical Device Manufacturing

Marshall’s core competencies encompass a wide range of machining processes. Consistent implementation of Marshall’s signature “Design for Optimum Manufacturability” creates shorter lead-times and cost-reduction for our customers.


Medical Device and Surgical Instrument Manufacturing

Marshall Manufacturing Company is a medical device contract manufacturer. We offer precision machining services including CNC Swiss machining, CNC laser tube cutting, CNC Wire EDM, and many assembly processes including CNC laser welding.

Marshall specializes in CNC 2D and 3D bending of small diameter pre-machined wire and tubing. In many cases our customers require a specific bend to be oriented to one or more machined features. Feature orientation within our CNC 3D bending machine is accomplished using vision sensors, laser sensors or proximity sensors within the piece separator, in conjunction with the robotic arm.

Our customers often provide their own validation plan; however Marshall can assist those customers who don’t have a validation protocol. Our reputation is solidly built upon a strong desire to find solutions for simple to complex design challenges through design for manufacturability.

  • Comprehensive Precision Machining Services
    • CNC Swiss Machining
    • CNC Laser Tube Cutting
    • CNC Wire EDM (Electric Discharge Machining)
    • CNC 2D & 3D Wire and Tube Bending
    • CNC Laser Welding
  • Prototyping
  • Process Validation
    • Installation Qualification
    • Operational Qualification
    • Process Qualification
  • Design for Optimum Manufacturability
  • Innovative “Design for Manufacturing” Techniques
  • KanBan, VMI and Inventory Management Programs

Please review our capabilities page for an in-depth look at what Marshall can do for you.

Marshall's machining capabilities

Complete Capabilities

Prototype, validation, production, assembly, custom inventory and delivery options.

medical devices created by Marshall Mfg

Medical Solutions

CNC: 3D Bending, Swiss Machining, Wire EDM, Laser Tube Cutting, Assembly with Laser Welding

our quality techniques


Strict adherence to industry-driven quality initiatives… sophisticated metrology, ISO 13485

high volume manufacturing


Marshall Fixed It… Again.

Marshall Fixed It… Again.

We are not necessarily touting how wonderful we are, but let’s be real, customers come to Marshall for many reasons, however, there appears to be a pattern here. Once again, a call came into our Sales and Marketing Manager, Tom Plantenberg, from a potential customer...

Medical Device Innovation

Medical Device Innovation

INNOVATION IN THOUGHT, TECHNIQUE AND THE DESIRE TO DESIGN MEDICAL PARTS TO SATISFY AND EXCEED CUSTOMER REQUIREMENTS The medical industry often perceives the myriad of aspects surrounding “Design for Optimum Manufacturability” to be overwhelming and all encompassing,...