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At Marshall Manufacturing, we fuse timeless craftsmanship with modern technology to excel in medical device manufacturing and precision machining across diverse industries. Our expertise in CNC Swiss machining, laser processes, and value engineering drives innovation, quality, and efficiency to meet the most complex challenges​.

Precision Swiss Machining

Marshall uses CNC Swiss machines for small and complex components. Often, precision parts can be produced and completed in a single Swiss machine, supporting more efficient cycle times and production flexibility. Our Swiss machines are capable of multiple operations, including; turning, milling, drilling, threading and additional operations.

Marshall Manufacturing Capabilities Precision Machining Services - for medical and food processing components

Laser Tube Machining

Our machines can produce highly intricate designs for medical hypo-tube and other small tube machining applications. Laser tube cutting machines excel in producing intricate features such as holes and slots in thin-walled tubing to produce small surgical instruments and various devices and components with tight tolerances.

Laser Welding

CNC Laser Welding is one of many methods Marshall uses for the joining of machined components. Often efficiencies can be gained by laser welding two or more components together rather than machining one larger component out of a single piece of raw material

CNC Laser Welding of Hub to Cannula

Wire Electical Discharge Machining (EDM)

CNC Wire EDM is often used when a machined feature, such as a slot or eyelet is required within a fragile portion of a component. Wire EDM manufacturing is unique in its capacity to create complex shapes that would otherwise be impossible to create with other precision cutting methods. Common wire EDM processes are slots, eyelets, cut-offs and grooves

press releases - cnc wire electronic discharge machine use

Wire & Tube Bending

When a wire or tube has multiple machined features and needs to be bent, Marshall ensures the features always emerge in the same location. Our machines are capable of generating complex bends in both wire and tubing materials, bringing exceptional accuracy and repeatability for medical device components and other complex productions.

CNC 3D wire & tube bending Marshall Manufacturing Capabilities

Machining Plastics

Our experience goes way beyond metal components. Marshall has grown to support multiple industries, providing expertise in creating components in a variety of new materials.

CNC 3D wire & tube bending Marshall Manufacturing Capabilities

Additional Manufacturing Expertise 

Imagine a partnership where precision engineering and innovative manufacturing solutions elevate your projects beyond expectations. Marshall’s technical capabilities are enhanced by our decades of experience, allowing us to provide more than just precision machining.

Medical Device Assembly

We offer our customers a variety of methods for the assembly of medical components. Whether generating several machined parts or incorporating customer supplied components into an assembly, Marshall offers a multitude of assembly scenarios. 

Marshall Manufacturing Capabilities - Assembly of medical devices - Press Releases

Value Engineering

Marshall’s engineering team is able to assist customers with cost optimization strategies. By partnering with your team early in the product development cycle, we can often create the most impact.

Marshall Manufacturing Capabilities - Assembly of medical devices - Press Releases

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