Medical device assembly via CNC Laser Welding, Press-Fit, Epoxy and More.

Marshall offers their customers a variety of methods for the assembly of medical components. Some processes utilized are CNC laser welding, friction fitting, threading, many types of adhesive bonding and clinching to name a few.

Medical Assembly Scenarios

Since our inception in 1951, we have provided many types of assemblies for our customers. Whether we are generating several machined parts or incorporating customer supplied components into an assembly, Marshall offers a multitude of assembly scenarios. Let Marshall build your custom medical assembly.

Device Assembly Processes

Marshall provides a variety of assembly processes, including Press-Fitting, CNC Laser Welding, Threading, and Shrink Fitting as well as Adhesive and Epoxy processes. Our customers can place one purchase order and receive a quality assembly that is application-ready.

Please consider Marshall Manufacturing for all of your assembly needs.

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Medical Device Assembly Marshall Manufacturing Company

Threaded and Teflon Taped

These components were machined at Marshall with threads, then assembled with Teflon tape to prevent leaking. Additional components were machined teflon tapered valve fitting.

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Medical Device Assembly at Marshall Manufacturing Company

Medical Device Assembly

Marshall employs a variety of methods for the assembly of components, including CNC laser welding, press fitting and epoxy.

Medical Device Assembly at Marshall Manufacturing Company

CNC Laser Welding

This tube has been laser welded to the machined hub. Marshall provided both the precision laser machined tube and the Swiss machined hub.