Marshall Manufacturing Company has a long history of machining plastics.

It began in the early 1970’s, when the owner was approached by a then “new technology company” seeking prototype filtration components. This product was envisioned for the commercial liquid filtration industry.


Marshall has been involved in commercial filtration products since the 1970s. Marshall was integral in building prototypes for the budding filtration industry.

To this day, we machine components for several filtration companies, utilizing a multitude of plastic materials in a variety of diameters and lengths. In recent years, Marshall has automated several manufacturing cells with robots and mechanized systems, manufacturing over a million parts annually.

Plastic Materials

By the mid-to-late 1970’s Marshall gained confidence with the machining of plastic tubes for the filtration industry. As our customers’ needs for precision plastic components grew, we began to expand our repertoire from tubing to include solid plastic rod stock. Experience machining our day-to-day materials of PVC, CPVC, Noryl, ABS and Polysulfone soon expanded to include polypropylene, polyester, polycarbonate, PEEK, UHMW, Delrin, Teflon, Nylon and Acrylic to name a few. Marshall also has experience with glass-filled plastics and phenolics. 

Marshall Manufacturing Capabilities Precision Machining Services - for medical and food processing components
Marshall Manufacturing Capabilities Precision Machining Services - for medical and food processing components

CNC Turning

Similar to the components we machine for our customers from metal, plastic material can be machined in CNC turning centers. Plastic’s machining characteristics differ from metal’s, and some plastics have unique machining attributes compared to other plastics. These machining variations go beyond the differences of rigid plastics and flexible plastics. Cutting speeds, depth of cut, material melting points and tool rake angles are just of few items to be considered when machining plastic.

Swiss Machining

We also offer complete Swiss machining to accurately manufacture smaller plastic parts that require tight tolerances.

Should I Machine My Plastic Part?

Our Other Capabilities

swiss machines for fast cycle times

CNC Swiss & Micro-Swiss Machining

Swiss machine are capable of multiple operations, including; turning, milling, drilling, threading and additional operations.

Marshall Manufacturing Capabilities laser Machining capabilities

CNC Laser Tube Machining

Marshall offers CNC Laser Tube Machining. As a medical device manufacturer, our machines can produce highly intricate designs.

Marshall Manufacturing Capabilities - CNC Laser Welding Capabilities

CNC Laser Welding

CNC Laser Welding is one of many methods Marshall uses for the assembly of components within medical device manufacturing.

CNC Wire EDM generating slots into medical devices


Within Medical Device Manufacturing, Wire EDM is often utilized for cutting slots and grooves in multiple stacked parts.

Marshall Manufacturing Capabilities - CNC turning machine in tool room

CNC Tuning and Milling

CNC Turning and CNC Milling are typically dedicated to toolmaking, which is part of Marshall’s total capability set.

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Medical Assembly

Marshall employs a variety of methods for the assembly of components, including CNC laser welding, press fitting and epoxy.

Marshall Manufacturing Capabilities From Prototype Through Production

From prototype through production, we are customer-focused and provide solutions for challenging components and assemblies. Our engineering knowledge of tool design gives Marshall the ability to find cost-effective solutions for our customer’s specific needs.