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Marshall would like to welcome you to our contact page. Whether you have a question for our customer service department, or have a question for sales, feel free to contact Marshall by phone or through the customer service or sales link above. If you have a specific component, device or assembly you’d like Marshall to quote, please send all of your information to us via the “Request for Quote” link above. Please let us help. Our sales people are very good at answering your technical questions.

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Marshall Manufacturing Capabilities From Prototype Through Production

From prototype through production, we are customer-focused and provide solutions for challenging components and assemblies. Our engineering knowledge of tool design gives Marshall the ability to find cost-effective solutions for our customer’s specific needs.

Over the past decade, Marshall has developed complementary capabilities in the area of “CNC 3D Bending” of pre-machined wire and tubing. Our ability to orient machined features to specific bend features has earned Marshall a reputation as experts.

From Marshall’s origin in 1951, we have helped our customers by offering cost-saving processes. When applicable, we offer value engineering suggestions to improve the manufacturability of a component. “Cost Optimization Strategies” continue to be a strength our customers deeply value.

Verification and validation of medical components and assemblies is commonplace at Marshall. If you don’t have a validation plan, we can assist you by developing a protocol.

Every customer has their own specific delivery requirements. Marshall offers many delivery methods including KanBan and Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI).


Marshall Manufacturing

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