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From unique prototyping to highly customized assembly, delivery and inventory options, Marshall specializes in the planning and necessities required for successful medium to long-run production programs.


Medical Device Contract Manufacturing

Marshall Manufacturing capabilities primarily include CNC Swiss Machining, CNC Micro Swiss Machining, CNC Laser Tube Machining and CNC Wire EDM. Our unique specialty is CNC 2D and 3D Small Diameter Wire & Tube Bending. Secondary processes include CNC Laser Welding, Assembly and Deburring processes which include Hand Deburring and Centrifugal Barrel Finishing. We also source finishing services such as teflon plating, passivation and electo-polish.

Marshall Manufacturing Capabilities From Prototype Through Production

From prototype through production, we are customer-focused and provide solutions for challenging components and assemblies. Our engineering knowledge of tool design gives Marshall the ability to find cost-effective solutions for our customer’s specific needs.

Over the past decade, Marshall has developed complementary capabilities in the area of “CNC 3D Bending” of pre-machined wire and tubing. Our ability to orient machined features to specific bend features has earned Marshall a reputation as experts.

From Marshall’s origin in 1951, we have helped our customers by offering cost-saving processes. When applicable, we offer value engineering suggestions to improve the manufacturability of a component. “Cost Optimization Strategies” continue to be a strength our customers deeply value.

Verification and validation of medical components and assemblies is commonplace at Marshall. If you don’t have a validation plan, we can assist you by developing a protocol.

Every customer has their own specific delivery requirements. Marshall offers many delivery methods including KanBan and Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI).

Capabilities Include Swiss Machining, CNC 3D Bending, CNC Laser Tube Machining, Laser Welding and More

Cost Optimization Strategies

Within the quoting process, Marshall often sees opportunities for cost savings, and shares their ideas with the customer.
CNC 3D Bending of small diameter wire & tubing

CNC Wire and Tube Bending

Marshall has become the go-to-experts when it comes to CNC bending of pre-machined small diameter wire and tubing.
Precision Machining Services - for medical and food processing components

CNC Swiss & Micro-Swiss Machining

Swiss machine are capable of multiple operations, including; turning, milling, drilling, threading and additional operations.
Marshall Manufacturing Capabilities laser Machining capabilities

CNC Laser Tube Machining

Marshall offers CNC Laser Tube Machining. As a medical device manufacturer, our machines can produce highly intricate designs.

CNC Laser Welding of small parts

CNC Laser Welding

CNC Laser Welding is one of many methods Marshall uses for the assembly of components within medical device manufacturing.
Marshall Manufacturing Capabilities - Wire EDM


Within Medical Device Manufacturing, Wire EDM is often utilized for cutting slots and grooves in multiple stacked parts.
cnc turning machine in tool room

CNC Turning and Milling

CNC Turning and CNC Milling are typically dedicated to toolmaking, which is part of Marshall’s total capability set.

Assembly of Medical Devices at Marshall Manufacturing Company

Medical Assembly

Marshall employs a variety of methods for the assembly of components, including CNC laser welding, press fitting and epoxy.