Marshall is at MD&M Minneapolis

Come visit our booth (Booth#2508) at MD&M Minneapolis for a chance to win an Ender-3 Max Neo 3D Printer! View the sweepstakes rules here.

Our Capabilites

Marshall is a medical device manufacturer. We offer precision CNC Swiss, CNC micro Swiss, CNC laser tube machining services, and more.

swiss machines for fast cycle times

CNC Swiss & Micro-Swiss Machining

Swiss machine are capable of multiple operations, including; turning, milling, drilling, threading and additional operations.

Marshall Manufacturing Capabilities laser Machining capabilities

CNC Laser Tube Machining

Marshall offers CNC Laser Tube Machining. As a medical device manufacturer, our machines can produce highly intricate designs.

Marshall Manufacturing Capabilities - CNC Laser Welding Capabilities

CNC Laser Welding

CNC Laser Welding is one of many methods Marshall uses for the assembly of components within medical device manufacturing.

CNC Wire EDM generating slots into medical devices


Within Medical Device Manufacturing, Wire EDM is often utilized for cutting slots and grooves in multiple stacked parts.

Marshall Manufacturing Capabilities - CNC turning machine in tool room

CNC Turning and Milling

CNC Turning and CNC Milling are typically dedicated to toolmaking, which is part of Marshall’s total capability set.

Medical Device Assembly at Marshall Manufacturing Company

Medical Assembly

Marshall employs a variety of methods for the assembly of components, including CNC laser welding, press fitting and epoxy.