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Take a closer look at Marshalls’ capabilities shown in HD.


Overview of Marshall Capabilities

CNC Swiss Machining, CNC Laser Tube Cutting, CNC Wire EDM, CNC 2D and 3D Wire & Tube Bending & Laser Welding.


Our engineers utilize “SolidWorks” as their main 3D CAD system. CAD models assist in identifying potential cost savings.

Manual Tube & Wire Bending

Marshall began wire and tube bending for the medical industry using manual bending processes, and CNC soon followed.

CNC Turning

Benefits of utilizing CNC Swiss machining over CNC Turning are to minimize tool deflection to achieve tighter tolerances.

CNC Swiss Machining

Swiss machining is very stable, minimizing vibration and surface chatter, which delivers tighter tolerances

Extended Swiss Capabilities

This video takes you through Swiss drilling, milling, trepan, deburring, and secondary spindle reaming and threading.

CNC Laser Tube Cutting

CNC Laser Tube cutting enables Marshall to cut exacting features in small diameter tubes to very close tolerances.


Utilizes the part geometry defined by the CAD drawing, CAM allows engineers to simulate the manufacturing process.

CNC Wire & Tube Bending

CNC 3D bending of wire and tubing produces cost savings, faster prototypes, faster production and consistent quality.


At Marshall CNC Wire EDM is used in production for generating slots, grooves, holes, cutoff and other features.

Vision Systems

The CNC Vision System saves inspection time, is very accurate and reports part dimensions into a program for records.

Optical Measurement Systems

Optical Comparators magnify the component features needing to be inspected. In many cases is used with a template.


The Coordinate Measuring Machine measures components. It utilizes a probe to touch the part to record the findings.

Visual Inspection

Visual inspect of parts is often necessary for consistency regarding appearance. This can include gauge inspections.

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