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Design for manufacturing is a familiar term to medical design engineers. Marshall likes to take it a step further, by adding Optimum, and in many cases can achieve cost-savings and improve the devices strength or functionality.


For the purpose of increasing the efficiency of the manufacturing process while simultaneously removing cost, Marshall offers “Design for Manufacturing.” This process may involve innovative tooling, testing to discover new manufacturing procedures, or component modification suggestions. Design for Manufacturing is what makes Marshall a leading medical contract manufacturer.

Our medical device customers often bring new, cutting-edge devices to market. The major difference in working with a medical contract manufacturer like Marshall is our dedication to innovative manufacturing techniques. Our goal is to produce our customers’ devices using the most efficient processes. That objective often results in time savings, which calculates to cost savings, ultimately equating to greater success for our customers.

It’s all about new thought, effective process design techniques, and the power behind the Marshall engineering professionals. We are dedicated to helping our customers find a better medical device manufacturing solution.

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design for manufacturing

Design for Manufacturing

Within the quoting process, Marshall often sees opportunities for cost savings, and shares their ideas with the customer.


Marshall Fixed It… Again.

Marshall Fixed It… Again.

We are not necessarily touting how wonderful we are, but let’s be real, customers come to Marshall for many reasons, however, there appears to be a pattern here. Once again, a call came into our Sales and Marketing Manager, Tom Plantenberg, from a potential customer...

Medical Device Innovation

Medical Device Innovation

INNOVATION IN THOUGHT, TECHNIQUE AND THE DESIRE TO DESIGN MEDICAL PARTS TO SATISFY AND EXCEED CUSTOMER REQUIREMENTS The medical industry often perceives the myriad of aspects surrounding “Design for Optimum Manufacturability” to be overwhelming and all encompassing,...

Greater Thought for the Greater Good

Greater Thought for the Greater Good

Medical Device OEM’s come to Marshall Manufacturing Company for a myriad of reasons. Becoming well-known for their expertise in 3D bending of metal wire and tubing may well be at the forefront, yet capabilities surrounding precision CNC machining, bending, laser...