Metal and Plastic Medical Device Components and Assemblies

Minneapolis, Minnesota: Have your precision machined medical device components manufactured by Marshall Manufacturing Company. We are an ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 registered manufacturer of scientific and medical components, and recognized leader in 3D bending of small diameter pre-machined tube and wire.

Typical custom parts include probes, needles both tubular and solid, medical introducers, trocars, implant and dental tools, just to name a few. Precision machined metals include titanium, stainless steel, MP35N, L605 and more. Precision machined plastics include Teflon, Delrin, UHMW, PVC, CPVC and various polycarbonates.

Complete Assembly/Machining Capabilities of Medical Device Components

Marshall Manufacturing is equipped to provide a wide range of complex precision machining services for the medical device components industry. These include complete CAD/CAM capabilities, CNC Swiss machining, CNC turning, CNC laser tube cutting, CNC Wire EDM and CNC laser welding.

Closely managed documentation control allows for consistent reliability with every order.

Incorporating advanced manufacturing techniques such as integrated machine operations and cell manufacturing, Marshall Manufacturing Company provides unparalleled quality, efficiency and on-time delivery. Marshall welcomes medical and scientific companies looking for challenging parts and assemblies that may be out of the ordinary.