Custom Manufactured in Quantities by Marshall Manufacturing Company

Minneapolis, Minnesota: Custom manufactured operative dental instruments such as excavators, carvers, burnishers, pluggers and chisels can be manufactured by Marshall, a medical, surgical and dental instrument manufacturer whose core competencies include 3D bending and CNC Swiss machining processes. Marshall has the ability to manufacture dental instruments in stainless steel, titanium and other advanced metals required for the latest generation dental procedures.

Demand for Marshall’s CNC Swiss machining processes for the manufacture of specialized instruments has grown rapidly because the process has the potential to improve these instruments. In today’s increasingly patient-centric dental environment, this can lead to the design and manufacture of instruments with enhanced product safety, greater patient comfort and easier use.

As a dental instrument manufacturer, Marshall’s capabilities for both standard and new instrument designs include rod and tubular instruments. Materials include stainless steel, titanium and many other exotic metals. Solid diameter part features available include custom 3D bending and contouring, threading, forming, grooving, cross holes, custom grips, custom features and more.

In addition to CNC Swiss machining, Marshall’s processes include grinding, knurling, milling, stamping, broaching, burnishing, induction brazing and 3D bending. Many types of finishing are also available, including heat treating, electro cleaning, electro polishing and plating. Custom dental instruments are also available laser etched for part traceability and we offer medical laser tube cutting.

Marshall Manufacturing is an ISO 13485 registered medical device manufacturer. Marshall’s core business is medium to high volume production and often obtains new business through their prototyping and product development services. In business since 1951, they have served the medical and dental industry for over 20 years, Marshall Manufacturing offers the latest advanced manufacturing processes including integrated machine operations, robots and cell manufacturing.

As a dental instrument manufacturer, Marshall also offers assembly operations including press fit, laser welding, epoxy fastening and more.