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Marshall’s signature “Design for Optimum Manufacturability” studies have received accolade from Medical Device OEM’s around the globe. A strict discipline exists to manufacture a better device or component for the least amount invested, with critical attention to time-to-market requirements.


Medical Manufacturing for Increased Customer Success

At Marshall, we want our medical customers to understand how creating “a better way” retains such a high-degree of importance. “Innovation” goes beyond capability. It is a daily occurrence, a way of life, the real strength behind the achievement of pure “Process Design and Manufacturing Technique”.

Design for Optimum Manufacturing

Design for Optimum Manufacturing is a concerted effort with our customers to remove cost and while maintaining or even improving a components’ functionality. Design for Optimum Manufacturing may involve innovative custom designed tooling, often conceived and built by Marshall. We may also exploit new manufacturing procedures or purchase a specific machine to optimize a process.

our innovation techniquesOur medical manufacturing customers frequently bring new, cutting-edge medical devices to market. The core difference in working with Marshall is our dedication to innovative techniques with the objective to manufacture a device using the best processes. That objective often results in time-savings, which calculates to cost-savings, which ultimately means greater success for our customers.

It’s all about new thought, effective process design techniques, and the power behind the Marshall engineering professionals, dedicated to helping customers find a better solution.

Innovation at Marshall has also provided manufacturing answers that other manufacturers could not achieve. The strength of innovative thought at Marshall is constant and growth-oriented. Uncovering new and innovative medical device manufacturing techniques, building custom tools and software, and providing alternatives based upon a complete service set are all important links in the chain of  Marshall’s innovation. When our customers experience it, they instantly find a medical device manufacturing partner for the long-term.


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Marshall Fixed It… Again.

Marshall Fixed It… Again.

We are not necessarily touting how wonderful we are, but let’s be real, customers come to Marshall for many reasons, however, there appears to be a pattern here. Once again, a call came into our Sales and Marketing Manager, Tom Plantenberg, from a potential customer...

Medical Device Innovation

Medical Device Innovation

INNOVATION IN THOUGHT, TECHNIQUE AND THE DESIRE TO DESIGN MEDICAL PARTS TO SATISFY AND EXCEED CUSTOMER REQUIREMENTS The medical industry often perceives the myriad of aspects surrounding “Design for Optimum Manufacturability” to be overwhelming and all encompassing,...