Marshall Manufacturing Company is excited to announce the addition of a new HZ-85 High Energy Centrifugal Barrel Finishing system to our equipment list. In many cases, this piece of equipment made by Mass Finishing, Inc, will allow Marshall to eliminate hand deburring processes, deflashing and electropolishing processes. 

The HZ-85 can also place radii on previously sharp edges of a part. This system is a very fast and economical finishing machine. We are thrilled to utilize this machine for a select number of medical components that require deburring, polishing and uniformity of appearance. 

This machine is equipped with a programmable logic controller (PLC). It can store processes specifically assigned to part numbers, including machine functions, speeds and cycle times. It can also store information on the type of media and compounds used—and the amounts to use with that specific part number.

HZ-85 Capacity & Measurements

Our new finishing machine has a capacity of 85 liters (3 cubic feet). Its capacity is divided up into four separate barrels. Each barrel’s diameter is 152.4 mm (6”) measuring a length of 876 mm (34.5”). 

If desired, each barrel can be partitioned into as many as 15 individual compartments. This design makes it perfect for smaller medical device components, as it prevents parts from scratching and scraping against each other during the tumbling process.

Tumbler Media

Media Materials

There are a variety of media types available for use in the HZ-85 Barrel Tumbler. Materials range from Ceramic, Porcelain, Sintered Bauxite, Plastic and Corn Cob which contain various oils, polishing paste and abrasives.





Media Shapes & Sizes

Just as there are many media materials available, there’s also an abundance of media “shapes”. Each material and shape is designed to affect the part differently. Within the myriad of shapes are cones, spheres, triangles and cylinders—just to name a few. There are numerous media sizes which also influence the part being processed in the HZ-85. Depending on the desired results, chemical compounds or aluminum oxide grit may also be part of the recipe.






How It Centrifugal Finishing Works

The HZ-85 centrifugal finishing machine functions a bit like a Ferris wheel, with one large wheel on each side of the machine holding four hexagonal barrels. Each time the main turret (wheel) rotates, the four barrels rotate on a one-to-one ratio. 

The barrels are individually loaded with parts, media, compound and water to approximately 50% to 80% capacity. Within the process of the turret rotation (combined with the barrel rotation), the parts, media, compound and water generate a sliding force within the barrel. This causes friction between the parts and the media in all directions, resulting in a part with a consistent finish.

Media Separating System & Drain Pan

After the parts have completed their cycle in the finishing machine, the parts and media are gently tipped onto the media separating system. This system entails a grate and lower ramp that are mounted at a slight angle in the base of the machine. The parts remain on the top of the grate, while the media falls through it onto a lower ramp. There are two shaker motors that vibrate the parts down the grate into a parts bin—and the media (which falls to the lower ram) is vibrated into a media catch bin located outside of the machine. The machine operator can adjust the vibration speed appropriate for each individual application.

For the purpose of safety, there are two jog buttons located to the side of the machine, so the operator can safely jog the machine to a specific location—and rotate the barrels to unload the media and parts. There is also a Safety Interlock which keeps the door of the machine closed during operation, and a safety light curtain so the machine shuts down if the operator puts their hand in the machine during the jogging process.

Last but not least, the HZ-85 system also includes a drain pan below the machine operator. This catches all of the water used in the process to give the operator a safe environment to work on.

Partner with Marshall Manufacturing Company

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