We are not necessarily touting how wonderful we are, but let’s be real, customers come to Marshall for many reasons, however, there appears to be a pattern here.

Once again, a call came into our Sales and Marketing Manager, Tom Plantenberg, from a potential customer with a problem.
A medical company had designed a follicle removal tool. The design and its efficacy was in-tact and completely workable in terms of it’s intended use and manufacturability. Yet, HSC’s former manufacturer could not create the tip they desired, they could not hold the tolerances required in manufacturing, could not suggest any alternative measures to satisfy the intended performance and basically gave up. Tom brought in the design engineering ‘dream-team’ at Marshall. They “turned-up” the innovation levels that customers seem to find at Marshall. “Design for Optimum Manufacturability”has connotations that go far beyond manufacturing a part to eliminate unnecessary cost. Marshall knows the real definition concerns a complete answer taking into account process management, material selection, quality control, software and tooling guidelines and, of course, prototype, production and assembly costs.

Real “Design for Optimum Manufacturability” can not be accomplished before a viable and practical answer to achieving the desired results is realized. First step for the Marshall and HSC endeavor? Figure out what will work.

Not to worry, there are no gritty details within this part of the story; it came down to internal answers to the right question-set. Marshall begins by asking questions of themselves that often begin with “what if we do…”, “how can we accomplish …” and “let’s try…”. It’s all about not giving up. Marshall knows there is a viable answer to most any manufacturing question these days. It helps to know, they not only possess the mind-skills and desire for certain success, but also a robust and complete equipment set within a facility built for speed and accuracy. It is not uncommon for the professionals at Marshall to create new application software and custom tooling to accomplish specific needs. Such procedures surround pure innovation and a true desire for success—success for their customers and a complete, positive outcome for all.

HSC received the tip they wanted from Marshall. All it took was a closer, more detailed procedure-set and a different material suggestion. Marshall’s answer was presented, the part is in production, tolerances are held and delivery continues on-time.