For more than a decade, Marshall Manufacturing Company has been participating in the MD&M (Medical Design and Manufacturing) Trade Shows in the United States. There are currently three MD&M Shows in the United States: MD&M West, MD&M East and MD&M Minneapolis. 

The MD&M Show in Anaheim, California

The largest of these three shows is MD&M West, which takes place at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA. The show is in February, so for our team it’s a wonderful time to get out of the Minnesota cold. The exhibit halls total more than 800,000 square feet—and there are nearly 2,000 exhibitors at the show. There are over 20,000 attendees at the MD&M West Show, which opens opportunities for us to meet many qualified buyers. This is the world’s largest medical design and manufacturing event. Many of these prospective customers are engineers with large medical companies, seeking manufacturers that have the right capabilities and qualifications to build their new medical devices and equipment. This show also gives us the opportunity to meet with our current customers in California.

The MD&M Show in New York City, New York

MD&M East is held in New York City, at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. The East show is smaller than the West show but is still very dynamic. This show is held in June, when the weather is usually very pleasing, and the local sights are abundant. When we’re at the MD&M East, we have visitors from Boston, Philadelphia and the New York area, as well as many international guests. 

The MD&M Show in Minneapolis, Minnesota

The MD&M Minneapolis Show has much to offer. It takes place near the end of October. Minnesota is home to Medical Alley, where there is a wealth of medical device companies that walk the isles of the show to perfectly match a project to a supplier. Because Marshall is local to this show, we have many visitors that offer many opportunities. 



The Marshall Management Team feels it is very important to be involved and in front of medical device designers, engineers, entrepreneurs and decision makers. The people who attend these events are both the current and future stakeholders in the medical device industry. These shows offer excellent opportunities for exhibitors to meet current and future customers—as well as exciting forums to see new and innovative methods of manufacturing. These shows offer manufacturers the latest types of supportive processes offered by suppliers from the United States, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. These exhibitors range from raw material suppliers and metal heat treaters to inspection equipment suppliers and machine dealers, to name just a few. 

The MD&M Conferences & Summits

Each event’s offerings go far beyond the showroom floor. There are numerous conferences that take place during the show. The February MD&M Show in Anaheim California features conferences dealing with digital technologies, faster production development, materials, testing, FDA and global regulations, risk management and more. The summits will be discussing smart factories, artificial intelligence, material trends and design strategies as well. 

Visit Marshall at MD&M

Whether you’re on the East Coast, the West Coast or right here with us in the Midwest, be sure to visit Marshall at the MD&M Show nearest you… or the farthest MD&M Show if you’re looking for a change in scenery. You can also connect with us online to learn more about our cutting-edge manufacturing capabilities—and how they can support your next project.