Marshall Manufacturing Company looks forward to any opportunity where they can provide customers with innovative solutions. As a matter of fact, they seem to thrive on it. Why? It’s apparently a bit addictive. Because over the past several years, the real meaning surrounding “Design for Optimum Manufacturing” has taken on a life of it’s own at Marshall. They can’t seem to get enough of these successes under their belts. Medical Device OEM’s are coming to Marshall for answers to problems on a continual basis. It is now a stronghold, moreover, a proven strength of the company that medical device OEM’s are flocking to—and, why not? Most everyone wants to gain certain enlightenment, especially when answers can seem so elusive.

Take the case of prominent Medtech OEM, a solution provider themselves, specializing in the treatment of sleep disorders and related dysfunctions.
They came to Marshall after hearing stories of positive outcomes to nearly impossible problems. And, they had a few with their new implantable sleep apnea device.

Their design engineers had a working prototype in hand, but the hook mechanism needed to implant the device correctly was not holding tolerances, not performing the way it should and lent itself to a failure-rate which could not allow for manufacturing approval. Also, the instrument to implant the device required a specific handle allowing the greatest chance at hitting the exact spot and depth in the surgeon’s hands. Consequently, both issues had to do with how a wire needed to be bent, or in this case, how a wire was not being bent properly.
And so, the Marshall Process Design began with their signature overview.

With Process Engineering expertise built from consistent consideration of the highest in quality standards, along with a material review, proprietary “process verification checklists” and a healthy smattering of Marshall magicianship, answers began to rise to the surface; rigorous testing began, prototypes were created and measured for consistency and reliability.

Within a few days, the answers Marshall provided addressing the customer’s problems were solid. Another happy Marshall experience, and soon thereafter, even happier patients able to sleep the night through. Thank goodness for this customer’s tenacity. They knew where to find their answers and called Marshall for help. Are you looking in the right place?

Want to find solutions to your manufacturing problems, or perhaps uncover a better way to manufacture what you’ve already developed?