Not that being a little lucky doesn’t help every now and then…it’s simply not what Marshall Manufacturing relies upon for any kind of success with their customers.
No need.

Take the case of a strong medical device OEM and valued customer of Marshall Manufacturing. The call came into Tom Plantenberg, Marshall’s Sales and Marketing Manager, from the customer’s Procurement/Planning Lead. She, along with the customer’s Engineering Program Lead, told Plantenberg a story surrounding a particular medical part they were calling the “Outer HypoTube”. Marshall’s customer had created the part on paper and had already began working with a manufacturing company to help create a working prototype. But, that company ran into a definite snag, they could not reach a solution to a problem, a nagging situation that did not want to go away. No luck.

This customer asked Plantenberg if Marshall would take a look, maybe something their current vendor was missing could be uncovered by the expertise of Marshall.
Gladly accepting the challenge, Plantenberg met with the customer and included the engineering experts at Marshall for complete back-up.
Soon, the Marshall magic began.

The engineering brainwaves are usually (and should be) at peak performance when nobody else can arrive at a new solution to an ongoing problem. These people love a challenge. They strive for answers and consensus. It feeds a true need for existence. Maybe Marshall got lucky…or not. No matter. After many centered and balanced questions, testing hypotheses’ and attempting conjecture. Marshall’s engineering pro’s began maneuvering around the “what if” and the “is it possible” type questions. They were well into the process of problem-solving, solution-driven engineering, all under the need and distinction of Design for Optimum Manufacturing which ultimately outlines strategic ways to save time and dollars within the manufacturing process.

Marshall did not consider what the previous vendor had done. That company failed. No need to try and fix someone’s mistake. Marshall started from scratch…right from the original drawing, uncovering exactly what the part was supposed to accomplish and creating a working prototype in just 3 steps to manufacture—for exactly the same projected cost. The huge distinction? Marshall’s part worked. No snags. No production problems. Expectations were exceeded. Now Marshall has full control of the quality standards and can test and uphold the original parameters set by the customer.

For the past few years, Marshall Manufacturing has steadily become known has the “go-to” medical manufacturing company specializing in innovative thought and design While specialty bending of wire and metal tubing is also a stronghold of the company, their complete manufacturing service far exceeds many others simply by virtue of their steadfast adherence to the consistent objectives surrounding Design for Optimum Manufacturability. Truly, no one turns down the aspect of getting lucky every now and then, but strength in consistent success comes with the power of experience and knowledge— understanding what works…and in some cases, what doesn’t.

Marshall Manufacturing Company specializes in CNC 2-D/3-D Bending of small-diameter pre-machined tube and wire, Swiss Machining, Wire EDM and Laser Manufacturing Processes. Prototype through production, the company is customer-focused and provides solutions for challenging components and assemblies.

Materials include stainless steel, titanium, MP35N, and plastics.
Marshall Manufacturing is ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 registered.