If you are a follower of Marshall Manufacturing Company and a reader of these Application/Success Stories that Marshall publishes from time to time, you probably are aware of Marshall’s ability to create a “better part”, an exemplary Company trait that’s been proven over and over again. Their exclusive Design for Optimum Manufacturability pre-production-phase is tried and true.

But, did you know about their ability for speed?

Enter Vention Medical. Vention is a specialized medical device company; they came to Marshall with a part request that had “urgency” written all over it…not literally, of course.

But, they were desperate for parts. The particular part in question, needed to be turned with drilled cross-holes added to the procedure. A perfect match for Marshall’s Swiss Machining capabilities, thought Tom Plantenberg, Marshall’s Sales and Marketing pro. Plantenberg brought in the Marshall Design Team to make certain the application was solid and the procedure-set was on the mark to meet Marshall’s ongoing criteria for Optimum Manufacturability.

As in all precision manufacturing, quality must remain at the forefront, especially when a part must be created with such incredible vigor. The Quality Quotient at Marshall had a reputation in the minds of Vention Medical. They had heard about Marshall, what they could do for their customers in record time all representing the quality only a manufacturer like Marshall can deliver. And, Vention gave Marshall one amazing feat to conquer, a request that went way beyond a simple challenge. They needed 2,200 pieces from metal stock to precision-perfect parts delivered in 7 days.
Marshall did it.

How? Dedication to the customer, upholding the traditions behind Marshall Manufacturing ideals and ethics, all while employing professionals who understand what specialty equipment is actually capable of doing.

Working together, a team effort, with their customers, Marshall can accomplish most any request. Here, it’s not only imperative to create a “better part”, but to create a “better part…fast”…now, that’s added valuere-defined.

Isn’t it time you work with manufacturing professionals who can actually perform?