Marshall Manufacturing is Ready.

According to a recent article published in Medical Device Outsourcing magazine, the medical device market is about to change dramatically. Concerns about the medical device tax, new regulatory laws and the impact of healthcare reform are quite real, forcing manufacturers to pay even closer attention to part cost, time to market and how to save while upholding device quality and efficacy.

While many precision manufacturers claim to be experts in the areas surrounding “how to save money, time and part integrity”, Marshall Manufacturing actually exists for that exact purpose. They call it “Design for Optimum Manufacturability” and the practice surrounds their uncanny ability to actually assist their customers to uncover the most effective and efficient manufacturing procedures to get the job done right, faster and at a lower cost.
This may entail new, innovative ways to manufacture, assemble or suggestions for material changes. It may involve new tooling or software.

This is the difference Marshall brings to the table. Open-ended, out-of-the-box thinkers, designing and manufacturing for today’s business climate, helping every customer succeed with a better way…that’s Marshall and they’re ready to take-over that work.

When considering your current manufacturing partner, you may be experiencing:

  • Quality issues.
  • Timing issues.
  • Cost is just too heavy.
  • Personality/communication problems.
  • Delivery issues.
  • Experience levels are too risky.
  • High-volume requirements they can’t uphold.
  • Few (if any) suggestions regarding how to make the part better.
  • Or any other reason…

That’s when a call to Marshall is your best move.

That same study referenced above, cited 62% of Medical Device OEM’s are requiring their contract manufacturers to uncover ways to save them time to market and overall cost. If your current supplier is not coming through, it might be a good time to make a move and call
Marshall Manufacturing Company. Marshall will provide new directions, a better performance pathway and will bring the needed ideas to produce a better part.