CNC machining is one of the most efficient and accurate tools for medical device manufacturing. This technology offers cost-effective solutions for even the most challenging medical components and assemblies. The strengths of CNC machining range from fast cycle times to remarkably accurate components—as well as compatibility with various plastics, metals and other specialized materials. 

At Marshall Manufacturing Company, we help customers around the globe use CNC machining to improve manufacturability and optimize production costs. Our capabilities range from CNC Swiss Micro Machining to Laser Welding and Wire EDM. Today, let’s discuss some of the most innovative CNC machining use cases for medical devices. 

What is CNC Machining?

CNC machining (computer numerical control) is a unique form of subtractive manufacturing, where required components are cuts out from large portions of materials. Today’s CNC machines create a potent digital manufacturing process—creating strong, high-accuracy parts directly from a computer-aided design (CAD) file. 

CNC technology enables the creation of superior medical devices, tools and parts. This precision machining technique can even be used to craft high-quality surgical and dental devices that support faster and more dependable patient care. Here’s an overview of use cases to give you a better understanding of CNC machining for the medical industry.

CNC 3D Bending for Wire & Tube Components

Many medical device components are built from wire stock, replete with milled flats, slots, grooves and other complex features. CNC 3D bending of wire and tubing enables medical device OEMs to save costs, drive consistent quality and prototype faster than ever before. This technology also enables various features and configurations to be designed into medical tubes and wire components. 

Marshall’s CNC bending solutions allow stock to be completely machined before bending, giving device designers more freedom to utilize more intricate designs. Our CNC 3D bending capability can be used to produce all of the following medical solutions:

  • Introducers
  • Implantable Spine Components
  • Orthopedic Products

CNC Swiss Machining for Surgical Components

Today’s minimally invasive surgeries require incredibly small and precise machined components. Smaller devices and tools can be used to minimize pain and trauma for patients — supporting faster recovery in the process. These precision parts can be produced quickly and affordably with CNC Micro Swiss machining.

CNC Micro Swiss machines are designed to craft extremely parts of exceptional quality. These micro-machined medical components and assemblies can hold up to .0125 mm (.0005”) tolerances — enabling greater precision and flexibility.

Marshall uses a selection of Swiss machines for manufacturing micro components. These machines are capable of producing small medical, dental and surgical device components, including the following:

  • Implantable Surgical Plates
  • Surgical & Bone Screws
  • Drills & Reamers

CNC Laser Cutting for Tube Components

Medical tube components have extremely tight tolerance requirements—particularly across high-quality production runs. That’s why we offer CNC laser tube cutting for the medical device communities we serve. This is a fast, precise and highly repeatable technique—capable of cutting tube diameters up to .315” and tube lengths up to 40 feet. 

CNC laser tube cutting creates a minimal “heat-affected zone” (HAZ), the area of the tube affected by the heat of the laser without melting. The remarkable precision of CNC laser cutting makes it ideal for creating medical tube components with tight tolerances—without compromising on component strength and cost efficiency. CNC laser cutting can be used to produce some of the following medical solutions:

  • Stents
  • Orthopedic Instruments
  • Introducers
  • Catheters

CNC Wire EDM for Precision Components

Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) is an innovative technology used to produce an array of components, including very small parts for medical devices. During this process, an electrically charged metal wire is used to cut through the work piece—while submerged in deionized water. This wire erodes conductive material with extreme precision, while the deionized water cools and removes debris from the cut. 

CNC Wire EDM is a popular technology for creating complex shapes from conductive materials, ranging from hard metals (like titanium and tungsten carbide) to softer materials like aluminum or exotic alloys. At Marshall, we used CNC Wire EDM to create highly accurate machines features, such as slots or eyelets, in a fragile portion of a small component. Our EDM capabilities can be used to generate grooves, slots, holes and other features for the following:

  • Surgical Tools
  • Staples and Clips
  • Insertion Devices
  • Dental Hand Tools

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